Week summary

I’m back running.

Managed to get out for two runs last week during lunch, but both were below 5k. I suppose it takes time to build it up again, so I’m not worried. However, it is hard to accept it mentally.

Lunch Run – Tuesday, January 16th – 3.8k

Lunch Run – Thursday, January 18th – 4k

All niggles in the foot are definitely gone and the new Hoka One One Arahi shoes are definitely helping. I hope they will continue to help preventing any injuries. So far I ran a total of 58.5km in the Hoka’s.

This week I’ll be attempting to get out for at least 3 to 4 runs. 3 of these will hopefully be 5k’s at lunch (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). If feeling good and confident to go for the 4th session, it will most likely be parkrun on Saturday or a very easy run on Sunday.



Week summary

Friday Run Commute

Run Commute: No warm up, 11k run, 500m cool down walk.

Thursday morning didn’t work out for a run commute as my wife needed me to help with stuff in the morning and we drove to work. This morning, I woke up 5 min before my 6am alarm and I waited patiently for the alarm to go off. Once I turned it off I decided to stay in bed for a couple of minutes. Woke up in panic 10min later. Got dressed, brushed my teeth, had a glass of water and off I went with the most recent Marathon Talk Podcast in my ears. It was a rather cold but dry morning.

I made strategic decision not to bring any water on the run to avoid any temptation to stop for a drink. It worked, however at km 2 I had to stop as the podcast has stopped playing for some reason. As I use the wired yurbuds for my running, I had to take the backpack off to reach into the top pocket and start the playback again.

I have mentally prepared myself for two milestones during today’s run, km 6 (that’s where I stopped on last run commute) and km 8 (same as km 6). I found that it helped with the motivation and kept me going. Unfortunately, at km 8 I had to take a break and reach into top pocket of the rucksack again to increase the volume. This is when the traffic really starts and the cars passing by are getting louder.

I ran through km 10, that’s where I gave up completely on Tuesday’s commute and kept going to km 11. I decided to take the last 500 meters walking and use it as a cool down.

Even though, it wasn’t without minor hiccups, it was a very enjoyable run and has instilled me with a bit of confidence. 6 weeks left till the Kinvara half marathon.

The backpack (OMM Ultra 15) has performed superbly this morning. I didn’t have to adjust any straps, it just sat there comfortably and after a little while, I forgot that I had it on. Minor thing is that the waist strap (which actually sits across my belly rather than waist) moved a little bit from side to side. I’m not sure if it’s the backpack itself or my hips movement (or the stride in fact). This didn’t cause chafing or any problems at all and was barely noticeable.

Run Commute STRAVA Activity

Friday Run Commute

The consequences of not running for 2 weeks

Run Commute: No warm up, 10k run.

When packing my new run commute backpack last night, I was looking forward to my run in the morning. Got out of the bed at 6.10, put the running gear on, checked head torch – put in new batteries, backpack on, doors locked, off to work I ran.

It took me a while to get the backpack set up comfortably enough. I did this whilst running, of course. It seems that the sternum strap just keeps going up. I need to look into this again. I have possibly set all of the straps a bit wrong. The backpack itself is very light and seems to sit well against the back. I haven’t noticed too much bouncing or any discomfort. I have for the first time, brought some water with me in the side pocket. I used one of my small cycling bottles and filled it with approx. 300ml.

At km 6, I had to stop for a toilet break, and took the opportunity to have a sip of water. This is when things started to go bad. Both legs and mind started to struggle to keep going. At km 8, I stopped again and had a sip of water. At km 10 Istopped running completely and decided to walk the remaining 1.5k. What the F*&%K just happened? That’s the question I kept asking myself as I continued to walk to work.

The conclusion I came to was: I was sick for a week, then I flew over to the U.S. for nearly a week, where I put my body through torture of a different nature (four consecutive nights of substantial alcohol consumption, 5-6 hours sleep and rather unhealthy food). In total 2 weeks of not running, lack of consistency as well as very poor lifestyle choice has lead to this moment, where I was not able to push myself to run another 1.5k.

Some of it is my fault and some isn’t, however it is entirely up to me to get to where I need to be.

Run Commute STRAVA Activity

The consequences of not running for 2 weeks

Not Running Sucks.

It’s been a while since last blog post. It’s also been a while since last run.

Unfortunately, I had a full two week break from running. The dreaded man flu attacked early in the New Year and put me out for more than a week. After that, I travelled to Boston with work for our annual sales kick-off. I actually brought some running gear with me as somewhat naively I hoped to be able to fit a running session or two. The only running I did was the very night after we landed, but it wasn’t a pure running session but a football match. It’s now a tradition, that we play against our American colleagues. This was the 2nd game ever and 2nd victory.

Yesterday I was just focused on getting over jet lag. Today I managed to get out for a run before lunch. This was the first running session of 2017. It was also a very tough session, both physically and mentally. For these two reasons, it was also a very important session. For someone who is quite determined to run regularly as well as for someone who has a half marathon coming up in less than two months, not being able to run for whatever reason is very difficult. Even though you know it’s not your fault (when you’re sick), you tend to end up beating yourself up. It’s a very difficult time. And for that reason and as a reminder I got myself this t-shirt:


Today’s lunch run: Easy warm up, 6.4k run, walk to cool down.

It wasn’t too cold but it was a bit wet, not that it mattered, as the run was going to be tough. I decided to do one of those very easy sessions, which would hopefully help getting back into regular training. After such a long break and being sick I did not want to risk any injuries. Majority of the time running I was trying to form a plan on how to get back into shape for the half marathon in early March. Eventually, I decided that a run commute to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving me two sessions with 11+ k and a long run on Sundays should be enough. After all, I researched and bought a run commute backpack.


I hope to review this backpack in the future.

Here’s to getting back on track for my first half marathon.

Today’s lunch run STRAVA Activity

Not Running Sucks.