Run Commute

No warm up, 11k Run Commute to Work, stretching.

As wife and son are still enjoying the Christmas break, I didn’t want to wake them up and ask them to drive me to the train station, I had three choices: walk to train/bus, cycle to work or run to work. Being on the running high and wanting to get as many miles in as possible before the year ends, I decided to run. I have done this before, so I packed the bag before going to bed last night. It seemed rather heavy, as had to bring shoes, jacket towel and shower gel. I consider myself lucky to have a shower at work. I weighed it and came at nearly 7kg! The backpack I used is my cycling commute one (Osprey Momentum 30), and it’s not the lightest.

I got out the door roughly at 6:50am, knowing that the run will take me more than an hour for a couple of reasons: the weight of the fully packed bag and fatigued legs from the Fields of Athenry 10k on Monday.

As it was dark, the headlamp and a rear red blinking light were a necessity. Thankfully it was a dry and not too cold of a morning. I did enjoy the run, but at km 7 I felt like getting sick on the side of the road. This must’ve been the espresso I consumed only two minutes before heading out. I did not stop and it went away after 5min or so, just to feel the same thing at km 10. The waist strap of the backpack did not help in this situation. Being so close to work, decided to keep going hoping this would go away just like the first time. Thankfully it did.

All things considered, I’m rather happy with the average pace of 6:00 per km.

If I feel ok tonight, I might do the same run commute tomorrow (will lay off the espresso, though), and will make Friday a rest day. Planning to finish the year with a parkrun on New Year’s Eve.

Run Commute STRAVA Activity

Run Commute

Week 11 – Day 1

8k run, 5min stretching.

I felt quite well after the Sunday’s long run, but come Monday afternoon I started to feel rather tired and weak. I was hoping that this is just a delayed fatigue after the Sunday training session rather than a sign of a man flu.

Also, I had it in my head for some reason, that the Tuesday session will include hill reps. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised, when I checked the plan hanging on the fridge. It had 8k easy run on it.

Even though I was tired, I could not fall asleep and kept turning in bed for about 45min. The sleep wasn’t great either and I kept waking up every two hours. When the alarm went off at 5.30am, my brain has kicked in fairly quickly playing tricks on me. Get up and go fo a run? Stay in bed and get another hour of sleep? It did take significant effort to get up. I was out the door shortly after that.

Again, I tried to pace myself as best as I could to make it more of a recovery/easy run. Roughly at km 2, I noticed that my headlamp dropped the lumens power and I wasn’t able to see the ground as much as I’d like to. I was delighted with myself, that I bring spare batteries with me on every run in the dark. Changing batteries on the go in close to pitch dark conditions is not the easiest task, but I got it done.

It wasn’t the most enjoyable session, I felt sluggish and tired. Getting it done and ticking off another run off the training plan on the fridge was the most enjoyable part.

Week 11 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity

Week 11 – Day 1

Week 3 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, couple of stretches.

As the distance starts increasing, I had two choices for this morning’s run; run faster or get up earlier. As running faster (most likely) was not an option, I set the alarm for 5.40am. Dark morning, with temperature of 8°C. I could swear it felt colder than that.


It’s the first time I ran with a head torch and it was rather a pleasant experience. The head torch I decided to purchase is the Petzl Tactikka+. It’s not a running specific head torch, but it came at a reasonable price. Full review to follow after I get a decent amount of running done with it stuck to my forehead. It did the job on the first run and I was confident running in the pitch dark conditions.

The little niggle in my left calf persisted throughout Monday, possibly due to the foam rolling on Sunday evening. However I did not feel any discomfort on this morning’s run. I hope that it was just a temporary thing.

The run itself was a bit of a struggle at the beginning, but from km 4 I felt very good and really enjoyed the last 3 km. I had that feeling, that I could further if I wanted to. This must be a good sign.

Week 3 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity 

Week 3 – Day 1