Week 10 – Day 2

No warm up, easy 7k run, 5min stretching.

We were out doing Santa shopping on Wednesday night, which has lead to little sleep and I was not able to do my training session on Thursday morning. I really wanted to get the session done on Thursday, so I get a rest day before parkrun on Saturday.

I was delaying the run in the evening, but finally got off the couch and went for the run around 8.30pm. I do prefer running in the morning as there’s less traffic and am fresh. I didn’t feel too well on the evening run, mainly due to being tired after not getting enough sleep the night before and generally after a full days work. Also, I had dinner just two hours before the run.

It was an easy 7k run on my usual route, which I know well and am comfortable with in pitch dark conditions. The head lamp still comes in very handy.

Even though it wasn’t a very enjoyable session, I’m just glad that I didn’t miss it. Today is rest day. Saturday is parkrun day and Sunday is my long run.

Week 10 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 10 – Day 2