Week 11 – Day 2

7k run, 5min stretching.

The first training day this week was the early morning 8k run on Tuesday. This was followed by a 5-a-side football game with workmates in the evening. I havent kicked a ball in over 10 years. I don’t think I have to tell you how hard that 45mins of running after a ball was. Even though playing football is much different from just running, this still indicates, I think, lack of fitness.

My legs were rather fatigued on Wednesday, but I was determined to go out for the 2nd training session this week on Thursday morning. Now, this did not happen. Legs were still sore on Thursday.

In other news, my new Garmin watch arrived yesterday…


Being a geek, loving new technology and gadgets in general I am over the moon. It took just over a month of research, reading reviews and watching youtube videos before I made my decision.

Great motivation to go out for a run this Friday morning. Wearing the new watch on my wrist and a HR strap for the first time ever.

It was still rather mild with temperature of 6°C, but quite foggy with plenty of puddles. Started off easy enough, hoping that the legs will allow for the hill repeats after 3k warm up run. Unfortunately, my hopes were not fulfilled and decided to turn back. Still feeling some niggles here and there, I didn’t want to go to intense and risk an injury. Rather than that, it was great to be out running. I hate the feeling of missing a training session, I think this is a common problem with runners.

I don’t know much about HR and not sure what all these numbers mean yet as I don’t even know what my resting HR is, but I’d like to be able to train with HR zones, as according to some people you can really make significant improvements when you pay close attention to it. My average HR on today’s run was 167 bpm with max being 181 bpm.

Discovering all the features and data provided by the watch will keep me engaged and motivated, this I know for sure. I am a geek in the end.

Week 11 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity 

Week 11 – Day 2

Week 10 – Day 2

No warm up, easy 7k run, 5min stretching.

We were out doing Santa shopping on Wednesday night, which has lead to little sleep and I was not able to do my training session on Thursday morning. I really wanted to get the session done on Thursday, so I get a rest day before parkrun on Saturday.

I was delaying the run in the evening, but finally got off the couch and went for the run around 8.30pm. I do prefer running in the morning as there’s less traffic and am fresh. I didn’t feel too well on the evening run, mainly due to being tired after not getting enough sleep the night before and generally after a full days work. Also, I had dinner just two hours before the run.

It was an easy 7k run on my usual route, which I know well and am comfortable with in pitch dark conditions. The head lamp still comes in very handy.

Even though it wasn’t a very enjoyable session, I’m just glad that I didn’t miss it. Today is rest day. Saturday is parkrun day and Sunday is my long run.

Week 10 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 10 – Day 2

Week 9 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, 5min stretching.

Week 9 started with a 7k morning run. I did hesitate for about 30 seconds after I knocked off the alarm clock at 5:30am, but managed to get the auto-pilot to kick in and got out of bed. After getting a pint of water into myself I was ready and out the door around 5:45am. Greeted by a dry and breezeless morning with a temperature of 1°C.

My main goal for this morning session was to keep my pace under 5:30 per km. I was happy to keep it fairly steady for the whole run and averaged at 5:21.

It was a calm, uneventful but enjoyable run. I spent a lot of time contemplating on the upcoming hill repeats on Thursday. Planning the route and what hill should I choose for the 4x100m efforts. Also, I tried to think a little bit about my first half marathon which is at the beginning of March. I know it’s still plenty of time and way too early to start thinking of strategies, but this is the goal that keeps me going and helps to stay motivated.

Week 9 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity

Week 9 – Day 1

Week 7 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, 5min stretching.

Even though I wrote about lesson learnt with the lack of warm up, I ignored it this morning. What I kept telling myself is that an easy run is just like a warm up and I didn’t need it. The good thing is, that this session was no different than any other and I did not feel any niggles or pain, apart from slightly tight calf muscles, which I consider normal at this stage. What I will do, is a bit of foam rolling tonight and tomorrow ahead of Thursday’s morning session.

This morning was brighter than usual, probably due to the supermoon still up in the sky. It was warm with 12°C. It didn’t rain, but it was wet with quite a lot of puddles on the way.

As I sweat quite a bit when running, I usually wear a cap or a hat to stop the sweat from getting into my eyes. It was rather warm, so I wore a cap. On the early morning runs I also need the head torch, but on today’s run I found out that it doesn’t work great as the cap’s peak blocked off some of the light. It resulted in stepping into a quite few puddles. Maybe a sweat headband could be a solution for the warmer mornings…

Overall, I felt great on the run and wasn’t nearly as tired as after the Sunday’s 10K. Regular training sessions are paying off.

Week 7 – Day 1 STRAVA Avtivity

Week 7 – Day 1

Week 6 – Day 2

No warm up, 7 km easy run, 5 min stretching.

I had a day off to look after some personal things and also had to mind Oskar as he was home sick, I did my run in the afternoon. Weather conditions were just perfect. An autumnal dream weather, with mild temperature and sunshine.

Legs felt quite heavy after the Tuesday interval session and muscle fatigue was noticeable. It was supposed to be an easy run, however I find it quite difficult to run slower than 5:30 km pace. This was one of those runs, where I just wanted to finish it and be done with. At km 5 I was taken over by another runner and that had some sort of psychological impact, as I just wanted to stop. Thankfully, I did overcome this and finished my run as planned. Not much more to report.

Ruth will be away all day Saturday, so I will not get a chance to either fit the 3rd weekly training session, nor will I be able to do my local parkrun. It’ll have to happen on Sunday and this will be the first 10k run in quite some time.

Week 6 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 6 – Day 2

Week 5 – Day 1&2

Tuesday: No warm up, 7 km run, stretching.

Thursday: Short warm up, 4 km run + 2 km at 5:35 pace, 5min stretching.

The Tuesday run was supposed to be the usual 6 am run. However, as I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, I decided to save the run for the evening. We went up to Dublin to pick up my mom from the airport and I had the opportunity to do my Tuesday session there. As up until two years ago we used to live in Dublin, it was a pleasure to go down the memory lane. I ran through our old neighborhood and parts of my old running routes. The city has changed quite a bit since, especially the Docklands and Grand Canal Dock areas. I spent the whole run on reminiscing the good old days. Running gives great opportunities to explore a new place as well as re-discover an old one. Very, very enjoyable run.

Week 5 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity


This morning session was supposed to be a 4 km easy run + 2 km at 5:35 pace per km.

I felt very good and did not pay any attention to my pace for the first 4k, just to realize that I ran under 5:30 pace. The last 2k I had a difficulty to keep an even pace, and ended up with 5:17 and 5:04. I’m not too worried just yet, but I think that learning how to keep an even or planned pace is going to be very important on the longer runs. Any thoughts on how to learn to run at a planned pace?

Week 5 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 5 – Day 1&2

parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3

Saturday: Short warm up, 5 km run at parkrun, not much cooling down.

Sunday: No warm up, 7km run, 5 min stretching.

I had about 4 pints on Thursday night. I had exactly 5 pints on Friday night. I have decided earlier in the week to run my local Oranmore parkrun. This particular #parkrun is based in a scenic Renville Park. Below is a picture of my son, Oskar pacing my warm up before the 9.30 am start. img_5266

It was a great turn out as usual, with 107 participants.


I was aiming at 25:00 flat for the course, but the pints as well as the stiff left calf did not allow and according to the official park run result, I finished at position 33 with time of 25:28.

Oranmore parkrun STRAVA Activity

On Sunday, I kept following my 23 week plan. We changed the clocks and gained an hour. Without hesitation, I was out the door of the 7 km run at 8.10 am ‘ish. I ran towards the same park, I ran parkrun in the day before. The left calf was still rather stiff. It got to me so much that I started changing up my stride slightly here and there. That was not great, as I got to feel a bit of a niggle in my right knee. Went back to the more natural stride i.e. nor paying too much attention to it and just keeping to move forward. It worked and I was able to take my mind off it. Again, it seems that the first 5k is the struggle and everything past that mark seems to be rather enjoyable. Different sessions coming up next week. Looking forward to experiencing something new as well as adding one long run day to the plan in order to accommodate the half marathon training.

Week 4 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity 

parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3