Not Running Sucks.

It’s been a while since last blog post. It’s also been a while since last run.

Unfortunately, I had a full two week break from running. The dreaded man flu attacked early in the New Year and put me out for more than a week. After that, I travelled to Boston with work for our annual sales kick-off. I actually brought some running gear with me as somewhat naively I hoped to be able to fit a running session or two. The only running I did was the very night after we landed, but it wasn’t a pure running session but a football match. It’s now a tradition, that we play against our American colleagues. This was the 2nd game ever and 2nd victory.

Yesterday I was just focused on getting over jet lag. Today I managed to get out for a run before lunch. This was the first running session of 2017. It was also a very tough session, both physically and mentally. For these two reasons, it was also a very important session. For someone who is quite determined to run regularly as well as for someone who has a half marathon coming up in less than two months, not being able to run for whatever reason is very difficult. Even though you know it’s not your fault (when you’re sick), you tend to end up beating yourself up. It’s a very difficult time. And for that reason and as a reminder I got myself this t-shirt:


Today’s lunch run: Easy warm up, 6.4k run, walk to cool down.

It wasn’t too cold but it was a bit wet, not that it mattered, as the run was going to be tough. I decided to do one of those very easy sessions, which would hopefully help getting back into regular training. After such a long break and being sick I did not want to risk any injuries. Majority of the time running I was trying to form a plan on how to get back into shape for the half marathon in early March. Eventually, I decided that a run commute to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving me two sessions with 11+ k and a long run on Sundays should be enough. After all, I researched and bought a run commute backpack.


I hope to review this backpack in the future.

Here’s to getting back on track for my first half marathon.

Today’s lunch run STRAVA Activity

Not Running Sucks.

Week 8 – Day 1

No warm up, 6km run, 5 min stretching.

Despite still having a sore throat and muscles, I decided to go ahead with the Week 8 – Day 1 training session. Alarm clock went off at 5:40am as usual, but I must’ve knocked it off in my sleep and did not make it out that morning. I had two other possibilities, do the run during lunch break or in the evening. As the evening run would not be fair on my family, I got out at lunch.


It was a cold but sunny day in Galway. The course I ran was completely flat and I think I started with a too high of a pace, again! By km 4 my legst started to hurt quite a bit and decided to cut the planed 7k run to 6k. The combination of not feeling too well and missed two running sessions last week definitely had an impact. Nevertheless, I am happy that I did it. Tomorrow is another training day with 6km easy run and 100m intervals. Will have to set the 5:40am alarm at highest volume.

Week 8 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity

Week 8 – Day 1

Week 3 – Day 3

Short warm up, 6km run, 500m cool down jog, couple of stretches.

This Sunday morning run happened around 8 am. Not the usual “6 am club” run, but still, quite early for a weekend run.

From the very start, my Garmin watch got stuck for some reason and kept showing my pace at 1:45 per km, which was obviously wrong. This did not change throughout the run. I decided, that rather to fiddle with the settings and try to figure it out, I could just pay no attention to pace. Instead, I was taking in my surroundings, watching the sunrise and enjoying my run.

I stopped  for a short moment to take this picture.

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That’s when I noticed that the auto pause function did not kick in on the Garmin.

I’m not particularly concerned about the STRAVA activity as this was not a race or time trial, but I prefer my gadgets functioning correctly and reliably.

Do you rely on technology a lot when training? What are the must have features of a GPS running watch for you?

Week 3 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 3 – Day 3

Week 2 – Day 3

Warm up (walking, couple of jumps and skips), 6 km run, 5 min stretching.

What a great weekend overall! Saturday was totally rugby themed. Starting with bringing my +3 y/o son to his weekly RugbyTots class and finishing on a high with a fantastic Connacht win over Toulouse. This was also my son’s (Oskar) first time to the Sportsground. The weather on Saturday was amazing in Galway!

Not so much on Sunday. As I’m writing this post on the Sunday night, I can hear very intense rain hitting against the windows of our living room. I got up at 7.20 am and the weather looked ok. I decided to wait for everybody else to wake up and have a family breakfast. I was aiming to go for a run around 9.30 am or so. Unfortunately, it started raining around 8.15 am.

Thankfully, a dry spell occurred before lunch and off I went. I had to use that possibly a very short window of no rain. I’m glad I did. I don’t think it stopped lashing since 2pm.

I tried to make the run as easy as possible. I started off easy and have not been pushing too much. I’m still in the build up phase and the tempo, interval etc. sessions are yet to come. One mistake I made, was the choice of clothing. The long sleeve top and a rain jacket caused me overheating quite a bit at km 4. Also from about km 3 I started to feel a bit of discomfort, not so much pain, under my left calf. It has eased off later on, but it was then that I decided that the foam roller should come out of a dark corner. I did 10 sec on each leg muscle twice.


Yes, the beer was good!

Week 2 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 2 – Day 3