parkrun & Week 9 – Day 3

Saturday: Oranmore parkrun

Sunday: Long run, 12k, 5 min stretching.

The Thursday training session did not happen due to a spontaneous work outing on Wednesday night. Enough said.

On a dry but cold Saturday morning, we went to our local parkrun in Renville Park. I didn’t feel particularly well on the run, but my wife’s and son’s encouragement along the course got me through it and I managed to get a PB for the course at 24:25. There’s always a discrepancy between the official parkrun time and my watch, possibly due to the auto-pause that kicks in for a couple of seconds after I press the start button. Might need to switch that option off next time. The Garmin watch had me at 24:17.

Sunday had a long run in store for me. It was the first time since 2014 that I ran 12k. Again, I did not feel too well at the beginning, but once I passed the 5k mark (which I kind of consider a warm up) I started enjoying the training session. It was also the first time, that I listened to a podcast rather than music. The podcast of choice was the very entertaining and informative Marathon Talk.

As I didn’t really plan the 12k route, I found myself exploring the surroundings and little roads around the Renville Park. This has added to the enjoyment of the run. I’ve also uncovered great routes for the near future.

Legs felt rather tired and a bit fatigued after the 12k, still feeling it as I’m writing this post the following morning.


Oranmore parkrun STRAVA Activity

Week 9 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

parkrun & Week 9 – Day 3