2nd Physio Visit | Foot Injury Update

It’s been a week since my last run and 5 days since the initial physio diagnosis.

Today, I had the 2nd visit to see how things are progressing. I gave a quick summary on how I’m doing with the prescribed exercises and mentioned that the pain hasn’t really eased off that much since. Massaging the sole of foot with a tennis ball is particularly painful when I put some pressure on the edge of the foot (opposite side from the arch).

Based on my feedback and another inspection, there’s now a suspicion of a stress fracture. My physio, also got a colleague to provide a second opinion and an x-ray of the whole foot from multiple angles has been recommended.

The physio has also performed some shockwave into the deep tissue of the foot, which has been quite painful in places, especially on the bone where the stress fracture might be.

Overall, not the best news and potentially this might prevent me from running my 1st half marathon in Kinvara.

2nd Physio Visit | Foot Injury Update

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