Wednesday Morning Commute to Work (injury?)

No warm up, 11k run commute, 500m cool down walk, a bit of stretching.

As usual, I had the backpack packed and the running gear laid out for the morning. The preparation is key in my opinion and allows for a bit more sleep. Below a picture of my usual running commute gear.


Alarm goes off at 6 am, I dismiss it and lie down for a couple of minutes before getting up. Next thing, wife turns around and asks me if I’m not running to work today. I look at the phone… it’s 6.20am! A bit of panic, but having everything prepared the night before didn’t set me back too much. The only thing I forgot is lunch.

It wasn’t too cold this morning and it didn’t rain even though it was forecast. That’s Ireland for ya 😉

I got used to the OMM Ultra 15 backpack by now and don’t even notice it anymore while running. At km 5 I have noticed a bit of discomfort in the right mid-foot section. By km 7, the discomfort has changed into pain on the outside of the foot and heel. I kept running, hoping this is only temporary, but the pain has not eased off. I just tried to concentrate on different things and it has worked to some extend.

After having a shower at work, changed into normal shoes, I noticed that the pain is still there. I think it could have something to do with my pronation and running form in general. I’ll give it a rest till Saturday and see how it feels, before I do parkrun. I’m hoping that it’s not an injury. At this stage it’s less than 5 weeks to the Kinvara half marathon and I have enough to worry about and definitely do not need an injury to deal with.

Have you experienced similar issues? Any idea what it could be? Should I get it checked out or just give it a rest?

Wednesday Morning Run Commute to Work STRAVA Activity

Wednesday Morning Commute to Work (injury?)

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