Tuesday Morning Run Commute to Work

Run Commute: No warm up, 11k run, 500m cool down walk.

This was pretty much same run as last Friday. Tried to take it as easy as I could, but still need to work on pacing the early kilometers better, so I have more left in the tank towards the end.

Weather conditions were different though. Light mist, but much warmer with 9 degrees Celsius. It was a happy and enjoyable run, not even getting splashed by a van was able to take this away from me. I just laughed to myself and thought that the splash of cold salty water puddle was rather refreshing. Salty water? Yes, I actually got to taste it…

Towards the end of the commute, I caught myself leaning forward a bit. I immediately straightened my back and could feel the stride lengthening as well as getting slightly faster. This is one of the areas, that I need to do quite a bit of work on. Running form is very important. Also, being able to make the stride longer should eventually improve speed. That’s what I hope for at least.

Tuesday Run Commute to Work STRAVA Activity.

Tuesday Morning Run Commute to Work

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