Week 12 – Day 1

8k run, 5min stretching.

The cold mornings are back in the west of Ireland. Temperature of 3°C and a bit of wind was had on this morning’s run. It was dry however, which is always a huge plus in this part of the world.

I needed a bit of a change, so took it right at the bottom of our estate rather than left which is the usual route to Renville Park. Ran towards Oranmore village and a bit of coast road to the train station and back. On the return leg, there was quite a bit of head and cross wind. Average pace: 5:28/km; HR average; 165 bpm; Max HR: 177 bpm. Not a bad run altogether, felt good and happy to be out running after not doing my Sunday run. I absolutely hate missing these training sessions, even if there’s no way I can do them.


Yesterday, I’ve signed up for my first race this year. It’ll take place on December 26th, St. Stephen’s Day in Athenry. Hoping, that this will keep me in check over Christmas and put a bit of a break on the typical overindulgence. It’s a big race with some Irish elite runners participating every year. Fields of Athenry 10K Road Race. I don’t have a specific target for this race, however I’d like to see myself coming as close as possible to the 50min mark.

Week 12 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity 

Week 12 – Day 1

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