Week 10 – Day 3


Long run 14k, 5min stretching.

I wasn’t able to do the parkrun on Saturday, as my son was sick.

I could not however miss my long weekend run, so went out on Sunday morning. Nice bowl of porridge for breakfast, let it settle for over an hour and off I went.

Had to keep myself disciplined not to get off the blocks to fast. I was aiming for 6min pace per km, but didn’t manage it too well. It was a mild but fresh and dry morning. I had the route planned in my head and all I needed to do was to keep an eye on the distance.


Enjoyed the running quite a bit and had some different terrain mixed in incl. woodland, grass and gravel. When I heard the watch beep indicating 10k done, I was planning the route back home. And a couple of minutes after, the watch has crashed. Once it booted back up it started tracking from km 8.79 or so. That’s why the km 10 on STRAVA looks out of place. I needed to re-plan the route to make up for the distance loss. In the end, I probably did over 15k, but… “If it’s not on STRAVA, it didn’t happen.”

Overall, great training session and I’m starting to believe that I can do my first half marathon in March.

The watch crashing is not the first time and it only confirms my decision on upgrading the it. I clicked the BUY button on a website on Friday. I decided to go with a Garmin device again, as I like the general interface and Garmin Connect, which also connects flawlessly with STRAVA. More on the new device once it arrives.

Week 10 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 10 – Day 3

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