Week 9 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, 5min stretching.

Week 9 started with a 7k morning run. I did hesitate for about 30 seconds after I knocked off the alarm clock at 5:30am, but managed to get the auto-pilot to kick in and got out of bed. After getting a pint of water into myself I was ready and out the door around 5:45am. Greeted by a dry and breezeless morning with a temperature of 1°C.

My main goal for this morning session was to keep my pace under 5:30 per km. I was happy to keep it fairly steady for the whole run and averaged at 5:21.

It was a calm, uneventful but enjoyable run. I spent a lot of time contemplating on the upcoming hill repeats on Thursday. Planning the route and what hill should I choose for the 4x100m efforts. Also, I tried to think a little bit about my first half marathon which is at the beginning of March. I know it’s still plenty of time and way too early to start thinking of strategies, but this is the goal that keeps me going and helps to stay motivated.

Week 9 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity

Week 9 – Day 1

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