Week 7 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, 5min stretching.

Even though I wrote about lesson learnt with the lack of warm up, I ignored it this morning. What I kept telling myself is that an easy run is just like a warm up and I didn’t need it. The good thing is, that this session was no different than any other and I did not feel any niggles or pain, apart from slightly tight calf muscles, which I consider normal at this stage. What I will do, is a bit of foam rolling tonight and tomorrow ahead of Thursday’s morning session.

This morning was brighter than usual, probably due to the supermoon still up in the sky. It was warm with 12°C. It didn’t rain, but it was wet with quite a lot of puddles on the way.

As I sweat quite a bit when running, I usually wear a cap or a hat to stop the sweat from getting into my eyes. It was rather warm, so I wore a cap. On the early morning runs I also need the head torch, but on today’s run I found out that it doesn’t work great as the cap’s peak blocked off some of the light. It resulted in stepping into a quite few puddles. Maybe a sweat headband could be a solution for the warmer mornings…

Overall, I felt great on the run and wasn’t nearly as tired as after the Sunday’s 10K. Regular training sessions are paying off.

Week 7 – Day 1 STRAVA Avtivity

Week 7 – Day 1

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