Parkrun & Week 6 – Day 3 

Saturday: Oranmore parkrun 5k.

Sunday: No warm up, 10k run, 5min stretching.

Due to Oskar being home with chest infection, Ruth decided to stay home on Saturday and I was able to do my local parkrun in the morning. Couple of sprints and stretches as a warm up and off we went. Just as I pressed start on my Garmin watch it decided to reboot and I ended up with an activity 200m short of 5k. I managed to get a PB for the course @  25:05. Legs hurt quite a bit on the uphill sections though.

On Sunday at 2:30 am after 4hrs sleep, I got into the car to drop off my mom at Dublin airport. I was back home at around  7:40 am and went to bed to get a couple of hours of zzzzz’s. Didn’t want to put off my training session for too long so decided to get it done mid-day. As usual I didnt warm up and I felt it this time. Left leg was rather tight and felt some pain on the outside of the right knee. There I was thinking: Not the IT Band issue again! Thankfully after 3k legs went back to normal and I could start enjoying my run. It’s been a very long time since I ran a 10k distance. It felt good but I was very tired. Quite happy with the time and average pace at 5:34.

Moral from that run is that I have to start warming up properly for every training session and a long run in particular.

Oranmore parkrun STRAVA Activity

Week 6 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Parkrun & Week 6 – Day 3 

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