Week 6 – Day 2

No warm up, 7 km easy run, 5 min stretching.

I had a day off to look after some personal things and also had to mind Oskar as he was home sick, I did my run in the afternoon. Weather conditions were just perfect. An autumnal dream weather, with mild temperature and sunshine.

Legs felt quite heavy after the Tuesday interval session and muscle fatigue was noticeable. It was supposed to be an easy run, however I find it quite difficult to run slower than 5:30 km pace. This was one of those runs, where I just wanted to finish it and be done with. At km 5 I was taken over by another runner and that had some sort of psychological impact, as I just wanted to stop. Thankfully, I did overcome this and finished my run as planned. Not much more to report.

Ruth will be away all day Saturday, so I will not get a chance to either fit the 3rd weekly training session, nor will I be able to do my local parkrun. It’ll have to happen on Sunday and this will be the first 10k run in quite some time.

Week 6 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 6 – Day 2

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