Week 6 – Day 1

No warm up, 5 km run, 5 x 100m @ 4:30 per km pace with 5 x 100m recovery, 2 km cool down run.

There’s a first for everything.

Believe it or not, it was the first morning I ran in rain since I started the training plan. Given the fact, that I am based in Galway this is very unusual. We were absolutely blessed with dry weather up to now. Also, this was the first session that included intervals. I was so excited about the interval session that I dreamt about running last night.

The first 5k were quite enjoyable, even though it was cold and wet. I did not notice any pain or niggles. Adrenaline was building up for the 100m intervals. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed these. The 2k cool down was very welcome though.

As I use a Garmin GPS running watch, I used the Garmin Connect to set up the workout for this morning and uploaded it to the watch. It worked very well and could not be happier with it. I will definitely be using this feature for these type of sessions going forward. Here’s a screenshot of the workout set up on Garmin Connect website…


Week 6 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity

Week 6 – Day 1

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