Week 5 – Day 3

Short warm up, 8 km run, cool down walk and 5 min stretching.

It was a very nice Saturday and I did my training session in the afternoon. This was the first session, where I felt like packing it in at km 3. Stomach felt really heavy and I got a stitch on the right side. I blame poor nutrition on the day. My 3.5 y/o son wanted to get lunch from a burger serving american chain establishment. As much as he has enjoyed it, it was not a happy meal for me.

I powered through after km 3 and at km 5 I started to feel much better. I’m glad I decided to keep going. This was also the first session, where my legs felt rather tired and a bit sore. The muscle achiness continued and could still feel it a bit on Sunday.

The sore, tired legs might have been some sort of sign, so I didn’t do the 10k run on Sunday. The first of the long run sessions will have to wait till Week 6.

Week 5 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 5 – Day 3

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