Week 5 – Day 1&2

Tuesday: No warm up, 7 km run, stretching.

Thursday: Short warm up, 4 km run + 2 km at 5:35 pace, 5min stretching.

The Tuesday run was supposed to be the usual 6 am run. However, as I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, I decided to save the run for the evening. We went up to Dublin to pick up my mom from the airport and I had the opportunity to do my Tuesday session there. As up until two years ago we used to live in Dublin, it was a pleasure to go down the memory lane. I ran through our old neighborhood and parts of my old running routes. The city has changed quite a bit since, especially the Docklands and Grand Canal Dock areas. I spent the whole run on reminiscing the good old days. Running gives great opportunities to explore a new place as well as re-discover an old one. Very, very enjoyable run.

Week 5 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity


This morning session was supposed to be a 4 km easy run + 2 km at 5:35 pace per km.

I felt very good and did not pay any attention to my pace for the first 4k, just to realize that I ran under 5:30 pace. The last 2k I had a difficulty to keep an even pace, and ended up with 5:17 and 5:04. I’m not too worried just yet, but I think that learning how to keep an even or planned pace is going to be very important on the longer runs. Any thoughts on how to learn to run at a planned pace?

Week 5 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 5 – Day 1&2

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