parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3

Saturday: Short warm up, 5 km run at parkrun, not much cooling down.

Sunday: No warm up, 7km run, 5 min stretching.

I had about 4 pints on Thursday night. I had exactly 5 pints on Friday night. I have decided earlier in the week to run my local Oranmore parkrun. This particular #parkrun is based in a scenic Renville Park. Below is a picture of my son, Oskar pacing my warm up before the 9.30 am start. img_5266

It was a great turn out as usual, with 107 participants.


I was aiming at 25:00 flat for the course, but the pints as well as the stiff left calf did not allow and according to the official park run result, I finished at position 33 with time of 25:28.

Oranmore parkrun STRAVA Activity

On Sunday, I kept following my 23 week plan. We changed the clocks and gained an hour. Without hesitation, I was out the door of the 7 km run at 8.10 am ‘ish. I ran towards the same park, I ran parkrun in the day before. The left calf was still rather stiff. It got to me so much that I started changing up my stride slightly here and there. That was not great, as I got to feel a bit of a niggle in my right knee. Went back to the more natural stride i.e. nor paying too much attention to it and just keeping to move forward. It worked and I was able to take my mind off it. Again, it seems that the first 5k is the struggle and everything past that mark seems to be rather enjoyable. Different sessions coming up next week. Looking forward to experiencing something new as well as adding one long run day to the plan in order to accommodate the half marathon training.

Week 4 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity 

parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3

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