Week 4 – Day 1

No warm up, 8 km run, 5min stretching.

This was the coldest run this year so far. Thankfully it was dry, but you could feel it was only 3°C. Long sleeve winter running top was needed with the usual jacket on top.

Yesterday evening, we went on a family walk in our local park. That’s also the park, where I do some of my running. As we were walking and it started to get darker, my wife began to ask questions about my morning training sessions: Is it very dark around here at 6 am? Is there no lights at all? How good is your head torch? What if your batteries run out? – Wait, what?! Until now, I always thought that I could just use the torch mode on my phone. Unfortunately, that’s not sufficient.

This short ‘interrogation’ got me thinking about planning for the things you don’t expect. I packed extra batteries into my belt in preparation for the morning run.

As I was getting ready to head out the door this morning, I noticed that I did not plug-in my phone correctly and it did not charge over night. I was getting out the door with 30% battery. If it wasn’t for my wife’s questioning the day before I might have been potentially facing a run with no lights whatsoever. Thanks Ruth!

The run was pretty good, I did enjoy it. Not only the early time but also the cold weather gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Crossing off today’s run off the training plan hanging in the kitchen felt even better than before.

Week 4 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity  

Week 4 – Day 1

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