Week 2 – Day 2

No warm up, 6 km run, a bit of stretching.


This morning I was greeted by a dense fog and 5°C. I’m glad I found my running gloves last night.

I didn’t feel particularly well on the run, mainly due to the type of food I consumed yesterday. Breakfast was an OK one, but we got free lunch at work form a local burrito joint. I had a burrito bowl, which probably weighed over 0.5 kg. After such a large meal, I was not able to have dinner as normal and instead just had some snacks after 8 pm, which is never a good idea. I felt really heavy on the run and felt like I had to go to the toilet. I have to start watching what food I eat.

I planned to run the 6 km route towards the park, however needed to turn back as those roads have no street lights and my Ronhill cap with three little LEDs is not sufficient enough to light up the path in pitch dark and foggy conditions. I might have to visit my local running shop this weekend and get a proper head lamp for those morning runs.

Even though I wasn’t feeling great, I was pleasantly surprised with my time upon reviewing the STRAVA activity. I managed an average pace of 5:24/km, which is 6 seconds faster than the avarage pace of the Tuesday 5km run.

Week 2 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 2 – Day 2

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