Welcome to Running Pursuits blog

Welcome to my personal blog and/or running diary.

Who is behind Running Pursuits?

Name: Maciej


Living in Galway, Ireland.

At the age of 32 I decided it was time to start looking after myself a bit more and have started with road cycling. I used to love cycling as a kid and thought this activity would be most likely to keep me going long term. Also, at that stage I was one of those people who absolutely hated running and found it very boring. Soon enough I was able to go on 100 km solo rides and decided to join a cycling club mainly due to the social aspect. Cycling has helped me to shed off some extra weight and increase fitness. I did try running again and again but due to some niggles here and there; and not being able to go very far, I was discouraged. Over time, the form has improved, I got the right shoes after doing a gate analysis in a local sports shop to prevent niggles and injuries. (I am an overpronator, which means that I need shoes providing cushioning and stability.) Eventually I started to enjoy some of the running sessions a bit more. parkrun is a great way to start running 5 km and it has that social aspect. Up until now my running was very inconsistent, it was lacking structure and goals.

Why starting a blog?

As I set on a personal journey to become a runner, I decided to start a blog mainly to help myself sticking with training plans and being honest with myself. I will share my training plans, race/events reports (if any), experiences, highs and lows; and hopefully some learnt lessons and overall improvement along the way. I might also post some personal opinion on running equipment I use.

My first proper training plan started last week on October 4th 2016. It’s a 23 week plan with 3 sessions each week and it’s aim is to improve running over 10 km distance as well as shedding more of that extra weight. Due to work and family commitments I decided to do Tuesdays and Thursdays sessions in the morning at 6 am. The third session falls at weekends and can be done either Saturday or Sunday at a convenient time. Here’s to a successful completion of the 23 weeks plan!

You can always leave a comment on any of the posts and if you wish, you can also follow me on twitter, instagram (includes plenty of delicious beer pictures) or STRAVA.

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Running Pursuits blog

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