parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3

Saturday: Short warm up, 5 km run at parkrun, not much cooling down.

Sunday: No warm up, 7km run, 5 min stretching.

I had about 4 pints on Thursday night. I had exactly 5 pints on Friday night. I have decided earlier in the week to run my local Oranmore parkrun. This particular #parkrun is based in a scenic Renville Park. Below is a picture of my son, Oskar pacing my warm up before the 9.30 am start. img_5266

It was a great turn out as usual, with 107 participants.


I was aiming at 25:00 flat for the course, but the pints as well as the stiff left calf did not allow and according to the official park run result, I finished at position 33 with time of 25:28.

Oranmore parkrun STRAVA Activity

On Sunday, I kept following my 23 week plan. We changed the clocks and gained an hour. Without hesitation, I was out the door of the 7 km run at 8.10 am ‘ish. I ran towards the same park, I ran parkrun in the day before. The left calf was still rather stiff. It got to me so much that I started changing up my stride slightly here and there. That was not great, as I got to feel a bit of a niggle in my right knee. Went back to the more natural stride i.e. nor paying too much attention to it and just keeping to move forward. It worked and I was able to take my mind off it. Again, it seems that the first 5k is the struggle and everything past that mark seems to be rather enjoyable. Different sessions coming up next week. Looking forward to experiencing something new as well as adding one long run day to the plan in order to accommodate the half marathon training.

Week 4 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity 

parkrun & Week 4 – Day 3

Week 4 – Day 2

No warm up, 8 km run, 5min stretching.

This morning’s run was kicked off by ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ by Iron Maiden. What a great song to get into an early run on a warm (13°C) October morning.

Not much to report, just that it was quite windy and it required a bit more effort than the last Tuesday run. Legs felt great and the runner’s high kicked in from km 5. I can’t wait to start some longer distances, I think I will enjoy them.

As my little boy has no Rugby Tots classes this Saturday due to a bank holiday, I’ve decided to do the local ParkRun. Let’s see how I perform over 5 km distance after nearly 4 full weeks of training. Hoping for a flat 25min result.

I will also complete the 7 km run on Sunday as per the training plan.

Week 4 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 4 – Day 2

Week 4 – Day 1

No warm up, 8 km run, 5min stretching.

This was the coldest run this year so far. Thankfully it was dry, but you could feel it was only 3°C. Long sleeve winter running top was needed with the usual jacket on top.

Yesterday evening, we went on a family walk in our local park. That’s also the park, where I do some of my running. As we were walking and it started to get darker, my wife began to ask questions about my morning training sessions: Is it very dark around here at 6 am? Is there no lights at all? How good is your head torch? What if your batteries run out? – Wait, what?! Until now, I always thought that I could just use the torch mode on my phone. Unfortunately, that’s not sufficient.

This short ‘interrogation’ got me thinking about planning for the things you don’t expect. I packed extra batteries into my belt in preparation for the morning run.

As I was getting ready to head out the door this morning, I noticed that I did not plug-in my phone correctly and it did not charge over night. I was getting out the door with 30% battery. If it wasn’t for my wife’s questioning the day before I might have been potentially facing a run with no lights whatsoever. Thanks Ruth!

The run was pretty good, I did enjoy it. Not only the early time but also the cold weather gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Crossing off today’s run off the training plan hanging in the kitchen felt even better than before.

Week 4 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity  

Week 4 – Day 1

Week 3 – Day 3

Short warm up, 6km run, 500m cool down jog, couple of stretches.

This Sunday morning run happened around 8 am. Not the usual “6 am club” run, but still, quite early for a weekend run.

From the very start, my Garmin watch got stuck for some reason and kept showing my pace at 1:45 per km, which was obviously wrong. This did not change throughout the run. I decided, that rather to fiddle with the settings and try to figure it out, I could just pay no attention to pace. Instead, I was taking in my surroundings, watching the sunrise and enjoying my run.

I stopped  for a short moment to take this picture.

#morningrun #RunningPursuits #running

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That’s when I noticed that the auto pause function did not kick in on the Garmin.

I’m not particularly concerned about the STRAVA activity as this was not a race or time trial, but I prefer my gadgets functioning correctly and reliably.

Do you rely on technology a lot when training? What are the must have features of a GPS running watch for you?

Week 3 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 3 – Day 3

Week 3 – Day 2

Couple of jumps and stretches, 7 km run, 500m cool down jog and stretches.

A very nice, dry and not too cold morning for a run. Chose the same route I ran on Tuesday. No niggles or pains, simple and enjoyable. I can’t really remember much of the first 3 km, I think I wasn’t awake properly just yet. The next 4 km were quite similar to the ones from Tuesday and I think I could have run longer if I wanted or needed to.

Going into this training plan, I had no particular race or event in mind, I just wanted to start running regularly and hopefully improve my 10 km time. Not having a race goal isn’t ideal and might potentially cause getting lazier as the time goes by or even quit it entirely. At least that’s my perception.

I looked into early 2017 local events and races. I found one, that a friend of mine told me about over a year ago. He also told me that this race nearly put him off running for good. Remembering this has actually given me some additional motivation. Yesterday morning, I registered for the Kinvara Rock and Road. I decided to run my very first half marathon. It takes place on March 4th 2017.

Registering for this race also means, that in addition to my 3 days per week training, I will have to schedule one long run at the weekend. This will bring me to 4 days running per week in total. I will start the long runs in Week 5. Is this a good idea? Have I taken on too much too early? Feel free to leave a comment.

Week 3 – Day 2 STRAVA Activity

Week 3 – Day 2

Week 3 – Day 1

No warm up, 7km run, couple of stretches.

As the distance starts increasing, I had two choices for this morning’s run; run faster or get up earlier. As running faster (most likely) was not an option, I set the alarm for 5.40am. Dark morning, with temperature of 8°C. I could swear it felt colder than that.


It’s the first time I ran with a head torch and it was rather a pleasant experience. The head torch I decided to purchase is the Petzl Tactikka+. It’s not a running specific head torch, but it came at a reasonable price. Full review to follow after I get a decent amount of running done with it stuck to my forehead. It did the job on the first run and I was confident running in the pitch dark conditions.

The little niggle in my left calf persisted throughout Monday, possibly due to the foam rolling on Sunday evening. However I did not feel any discomfort on this morning’s run. I hope that it was just a temporary thing.

The run itself was a bit of a struggle at the beginning, but from km 4 I felt very good and really enjoyed the last 3 km. I had that feeling, that I could further if I wanted to. This must be a good sign.

Week 3 – Day 1 STRAVA Activity 

Week 3 – Day 1

Week 2 – Day 3

Warm up (walking, couple of jumps and skips), 6 km run, 5 min stretching.

What a great weekend overall! Saturday was totally rugby themed. Starting with bringing my +3 y/o son to his weekly RugbyTots class and finishing on a high with a fantastic Connacht win over Toulouse. This was also my son’s (Oskar) first time to the Sportsground. The weather on Saturday was amazing in Galway!

Not so much on Sunday. As I’m writing this post on the Sunday night, I can hear very intense rain hitting against the windows of our living room. I got up at 7.20 am and the weather looked ok. I decided to wait for everybody else to wake up and have a family breakfast. I was aiming to go for a run around 9.30 am or so. Unfortunately, it started raining around 8.15 am.

Thankfully, a dry spell occurred before lunch and off I went. I had to use that possibly a very short window of no rain. I’m glad I did. I don’t think it stopped lashing since 2pm.

I tried to make the run as easy as possible. I started off easy and have not been pushing too much. I’m still in the build up phase and the tempo, interval etc. sessions are yet to come. One mistake I made, was the choice of clothing. The long sleeve top and a rain jacket caused me overheating quite a bit at km 4. Also from about km 3 I started to feel a bit of discomfort, not so much pain, under my left calf. It has eased off later on, but it was then that I decided that the foam roller should come out of a dark corner. I did 10 sec on each leg muscle twice.


Yes, the beer was good!

Week 2 – Day 3 STRAVA Activity

Week 2 – Day 3