We’ve had a walk/run club at work for quite some time now. We usually run after work on Wednesdays, but always struggle to have more than 3 people go running.

Then, the Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge was announced for the first time in Galway. To our surprize, the interest in this event was huge. We managed to get 3 teams to represent SmartBear Software last Thursday, April 12th 2018. Each team consists of 4 members, and the cumulative time gets recorded. We had runners, joggers and walkers.

SmartBear Galway - GT5K

The inaugural #GT5K in Galway was a very well organized event, from registration, race numbers and goodie bags pick up to course choice and medals.

The race took place at the Galway Races (where the famous Galway horse racing festival attracts thousands of people every summer).

Needless to say, that everyone enjoyed and some even reported catching a bit of a running bug. We hope that our little after work running club will grow and start thriving from now on. There’s talk about many registering for the 2018 Streets of Galway 8k race in August.

The results and  really good videos from the event can be found here.

Even though, I was still recovering from a cold and was not able to breath through my nose, I still enjoyed it.

Here’s my STRAVA activity for the Galway #GT5K.


It wasn’t meant to be…

As I was talking to a friend about our training and different strategies for this Saturday’s ‘Rock and Road’ race in Kinvara we received the following email:

The weather in Ireland is rather unusual at this time of year and several weather warnings have been issued. Safety first!

Looking forward to doing the run in much better conditions.

Back to training for now 🤪

It wasn’t meant to be…

Week summary

I’m back running.

Managed to get out for two runs last week during lunch, but both were below 5k. I suppose it takes time to build it up again, so I’m not worried. However, it is hard to accept it mentally.

Lunch Run – Tuesday, January 16th – 3.8k

Lunch Run – Thursday, January 18th – 4k

All niggles in the foot are definitely gone and the new Hoka One One Arahi shoes are definitely helping. I hope they will continue to help preventing any injuries. So far I ran a total of 58.5km in the Hoka’s.

This week I’ll be attempting to get out for at least 3 to 4 runs. 3 of these will hopefully be 5k’s at lunch (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). If feeling good and confident to go for the 4th session, it will most likely be parkrun on Saturday or a very easy run on Sunday.



Week summary

Foot Injury – Not Much Improvement

I have not run in nearly a month now. The last run was on February 1st, which resulted in the foot injury and as diagnosed couple of weeks later it seems to be a stress fracture.

Since then, there hasn’t been much improvement and some pain is still noticeable even when walking. I will not run the Kinvara Half Marathon this weekend and not sure when will I be able to return to running. According to my physio, this can be another 6 weeks.

In the meantime, I have joined the local gym and will concentrate on no impact exercises. I’ll be doing a good bit of swimming and indoor cycling/spinning. I should also start cycling to work soon and hopefully get out on the club spins at weekends, however the weather in Galway is rather bad at the moment. I suppose the right thing to do is to ‘harden the f*%k up’ and do it.

Can’t wait to be able to run again…

Foot Injury – Not Much Improvement

2nd Physio Visit | Foot Injury Update

It’s been a week since my last run and 5 days since the initial physio diagnosis.

Today, I had the 2nd visit to see how things are progressing. I gave a quick summary on how I’m doing with the prescribed exercises and mentioned that the pain hasn’t really eased off that much since. Massaging the sole of foot with a tennis ball is particularly painful when I put some pressure on the edge of the foot (opposite side from the arch).

Based on my feedback and another inspection, there’s now a suspicion of a stress fracture. My physio, also got a colleague to provide a second opinion and an x-ray of the whole foot from multiple angles has been recommended.

The physio has also performed some shockwave into the deep tissue of the foot, which has been quite painful in places, especially on the bone where the stress fracture might be.

Overall, not the best news and potentially this might prevent me from running my 1st half marathon in Kinvara.

2nd Physio Visit | Foot Injury Update